August in Music

Here are some songs I’ve been loving for the last few weeks, a monthly post dropping in the middle of the month. Also because this is a super fancy blog you can click the words of the song and it should take you to an official music video. #you’rewelcome

Ship to Wreck- Florence and the Machine This is one of those songs that I crank up super loud so I can sing without messing with the song, struggles of not having a pretty voice. Florence has an amazing voice and this song showcases it well. Also this song just makes me feel good.

Renegades- X Ambassadors a very feel good song that you can sing on the way to work, play really loud. Just a really good jamming song, I’m sure it’s also very good when making jam.

I Am- AWOLNATION I love when they play this song on my way back from work and I’m sitting though traffic, it’s so perfect in that moment.

Electric Love- Børns I’ve been listening to this song for months and I love it! It’s a dancing song, I just want to get up and move with it. It makes me feel good and I want to see it live. Love love love.

Barcelona- George Ezra George Ezra has a stunning voice, it’s clean it’s crisp it’s amazing. I can’t always understand what he’s singing but I’m okay with that. I love his whole album and have been cruising though it for the last few months, this is the song that’s been a favorite for this month.

Every Kingdom- Ben Howard this is an album, that I always forget how much I love. Recently when I was at the airport for 8+ hours, read about it here, I was trying to fall asleep because it was 1 am. I put this album on, it’s very serene and stunning as a work of art. Love it. It’s my most listened too album, however it does not feel like I’ve listened too it a million times. Some ablums you’re just I’ve heard you too many times however this one is just new every time. The lyrics are awesome and the music is deep and layered beautifully. I can’t wait to listen to it again.


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