Airports: some thoughts

I’m currently sitting in an airport praying that I get on my flight, after having one cancelled and then being miraculously saved by Sue a lovely lady at the United counter. Thank you Sue you don’t know what a difference you’ve made in my day. With three hours to kill I’m doing some heavy duty thinking about all the airports I’ve been too. I ate ehhh food and went to the bathroom, usually not an event. However in the Minneapolis St. Paul airport by gate E10 there is a MEGA fancy bathroom. 

I don’t even know how to convey how fancy it is into words, there is a mural on the entrance. The stalls are huge, and have pretty tile and lovely fixtures. The whole place is clean and bright and honestly feels like the bathroom in a fancy dancy hotel, most definitely not at an airport. I’m actually in awe. And I don’t know why this is the only fancy bathroom the rest are normal airport bathrooms, but I’m not going to stop them.  

I didn’t take any pictures because that’s creepy. But I will insert a picture of something pretty instead so you get the same feels. Okay it’s not quite the same but hey. 

Veronika Ingrid   



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