DIY Easter Egg Decoration

Easter Eggs a yearly tradition however dependent on remembering to buy white eggs, and the colorful tablets you mix with vinegar. Did you forget the white eggs? The pastels? The vinegar? Have no fear- a tutorial is here!

All you need are eggs (of course), and crayons.

Step one- Boil your eggs. Did it? Congrats let’s move on.

Let them sit for a few minutes, you need your eggs to stil be warm to hot. Don’t burn yourself, no sacrifices are necessary for this craft. Then grab some crayons and start doodling, this is one of those times that artistic ability is a plus but scribbles are also good. The crayons will melt, giving the eggs a different look. They’re also non-toxic so you can eat the egg on the inside and not worry about anything. When done simply let them dry, it will only take a few minutes and you’re ready to go.

Hope you enjoy, here are some pictures!

~Veronika Ingrid

IMG_5175 IMG_5176

IMG_5177 IMG_5178


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